Forsythia’s gorgeous stretches of simple yellow flowers spread along the slim branches are such a cheerful sight. I especially love to see ours behind our magnolia, as the colours are perfect together. This particular forsythia is also not far from the magnolia I shared yesterday, in the garden that used to belong to a good friend of ours in the village. These bushes seem to thrive with little to no care and still give a wonderful display every spring. I try not to regret each round of flowers as it gives way to the next. Though I miss the sight of them all when they finish, I remind myself to just enjoy each day with the beauty it brings. Enjoy this splash of sunlight sent to you all today with a warm hug. A Flower a Day #232

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  1. Sunshine on a stick – that’s how I think of forsythia. There is a part of Toronto called Cabbagetown and every year (until Covid came along) they have a Forsythia Festival to celebrate the blooming of the forsythia. Like the lighting of lamps at dusk in Dickensian London, these blooming bushes and shrubs light up the streets and gardens wherever they are. Since they are members of the olive family, they are sun-lovers and require planting in full sun which only enhances their brilliance. Thank you, Ellie, for some sunshine on a cloudy day.

    1. Now I did not know they were related to the olive family! Thanks for that information, Janet. On the other hand, I can just imagine the streets lit up by stretches of these sunny flowers in that festival. I do wish that Covid had not affected quite so many beautiful festivals, such as this one. And thanks again.

  2. They are lovely. We have a whole row of them next door. Brilliant display of colour. They are like a ray of sunshine. Thanks for sharing and your hugs. Sending some back to you till I can give you one in person.

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