Forget Me Nots

Forget Me Nots
Forget Me Nots

It seems that with so many of us in either full or partial (or emerging) lockdown. the volunteer flowers (my new term for a weed) have decided to come out in unusual abundance wherever they can. It’s almost as if they feel they can contribute in some way to lessen our feelings of isolation, bringing a smile or a gasp of delight as we look out the window and see them (I’m talking about you, dandelions) or on a lonely walk in the woods or even on the lawn. We have always had forget-me-nots, I’ve even photographed them in the past. But then I remember having to seek them out, that they weren’t everywhere. This year, there are so many of them that they have taken over (almost) from the ajuga – see my previous post about the Bee and Bugle where I speak about how prolific they are this year. This is a happy observation, never a complaint, I assure you. Except that I find that I can get little done as I am always on my knees taking photographs of whatever I find. I hope that today’s flower (with the raindrop tear seeming to make the flower name more poignant) brings you a happy memory of someone you love, perhaps someone you haven’t seen in a long time. Till tomorrow, friends, hugs to all. A flower a Day #262  

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  1. In my youth, I was a Girl Guide. In my troop, all the sixths were named after wildflowers and I was the lead of a sixth which was called…? Yup, you got it…Forget-me-nots! So, understandably, this sweet little flower is near and dear to my heart. But even if I did not have good memories associated with it, how could I not love this perky woodland beauty. And Ellie has done a marvelous job of capturing its colourful and mischievous nature. Thank you, Ellie, for a quick trip down memory lane.

    1. Oh yes, I remember the sixes! Was I in yours? I’m not sure I remember.
      Whatever the case I’m so glad you like my little collection that brought back those memories. Thanks Janet.

  2. They are lovely Ellie. It is so nice to go on a walk and come upon a large bouquet. The colour is so vibrant. Thanks hope you have a great day.

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