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Today was not a day to take a photograph, but rather to pick up one that had never been posted and get it ready to share with you. This was taken just over a week ago, a day or so after a blizzard when the ice and snow were weighing down the branches. I ventured on foot down a snowmobile trail through the woods  and turned a corner to see this. The slender branches outlined in white framed the pearly grey of that dark snow-heavy sky nicely. Shall we walk down this path together? Follow me, then. Dress warmly and maybe have snowshoes or cross country skis on, or at least good snow boots. It's perfect conditions for a winter wonderland walk.

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  1. I'm so glad you are happy to be along on this walk, +Maureen Roberson – and you are right, even then it didn't feel very cold.

    Thanks a lot +Sumit Sen 

    +Sharon Stone – It's more sensible to walk that road in the daytime, so I'll wait for you at the edge of the road. Bring the dogs!

    I'm so glad I brought back good memories to you +Heiko Mahr – good healthy exercise in nature is always such a pleasure (except when it is horrible weather of course!)

    +Janice Hackney – I'm glad it drew you in! It was meant to do that. Meet Sharon and her dogs and me at the top of the road and we can do the walk together. Boots will do as the snowmobiles have flatted the trail nicely for us. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Great one madam! I've just took a similar photo only without the snow when i was in the woods searching for the Christmas oak branches 🙂 It was a very cool path, covered with leaves! may pop up with it a bit later 🙂 Cheers and once again, a great catch!

  3. It was not shared to a community first, but I guess it is because I share it to my private bookmarks community (just for my own records, for when G+ loses my postings). Thanks +Sheila B. DuBois 
    But this pic was not shared to a community when I first posted it. The album has been. What a nuisance. Should be good now, though.

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