Flowers on the Doorstep – Thanks to My Friends

On White - Ellie Kennard 2013
On White – Ellie Kennard 2013

I have written so often about friends and friendship … but I make no apology for doing so. Friends enrich our lives, fill us with joy, allow us to share their happinesses and their sadnesses as they share in ours. Friends just know when you need that special something to make you feel better. They visit, or they telephone or hangout. Or they share virtual things such as messages and flowers

And then we have friends who live nearby and make a secret visit in the evening when all is quiet and who creep up and leave a bunch of flowers on the doorstep. Then, when Joni won’t stop barking and we go to see what is going on, there is that surprise, all bright and cheerful and carrying the message “We love you!”. Thank you Katheryn and Norma. I know it was you two!

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  1. So I literally this morning just figured out how this google thing works. Always behind! I'm happy that maybe passing on this little bit of creation made you smile. You are always thought of and loved.

  2. Oh, +Ellie Kennard…You don't know how much this means to me today. I'm having a rough and tumble kind of week day and I needed some support BIG time. This is awesome!! Thank you for thinking of me. 😀 xoxo wipes tear from cheek <— for reals!! 

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