Field of Chrysanthemums

Field of Chrysanthemums
Field of Chrysanthemums

For today in Flower a Day we have a field of young and old chrysanthemums, each one as lovely as the other in their own way. Whether tiny light buds full of promise, fresh bright coloured petals open to the sun or dark rich textured drying ones, they all make up a perfect picture of their life cycle. This is my gift to you on this special day. Take care, all of my lovely friends.

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6 Responses

  1. Like a field of dreams spread out before one, it beckons to the viewer to get immersed in the fantasy of light, colour and texture. So alluring. So tantalizing. So bewitching. So lovely. Thank you,Ellie, for bringing the dream to life.

    1. Flowers do seem to bring our dreams to life, don’t they Janet? I spotted our first crocuses yesterday. Not yet open, but the buds are definitely there. Soon I will have more flowers to photographs and I will know what to do with! All those dreams. 😀

  2. Another beautiful photo Ellie. Always love the amazing colours of flowers. And you were right about the different cycles they all have their own beauty. Thanks again for sharing. Hope you have a great day as well.

    1. Thanks so much Linda. I loved how this features each stage, as you say, each with their own beauty. I hope you have another lovely day whatever the weather.

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