Pearly Everlasting
Pearly Everlasting flowers

Unless I am mistaken (and please let me know if I am) these little flowers are called Pearly Everlasting. I remember having bouquets of these that really did seem to last forever as if made of paper. The ones I knew were coloured, where these, discovered at the edge of a wood beside a field are really pearly white with dark centres. Everlasting. The word seems so out of place today where everything seems to change from minute to minute. But some things really are everlasting. I hope these tiny flowers bring back memories of happy times with everlasting friendships.

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  1. Another great find, Ellie. The flower itself might not go on forever, but it hangs on and on and endures when all others have faded away, like the best of friendships. A symbol of a heartwarming sentiment which radiates inside and warms the cockles. Thank you.


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