This lovely spray of euphorbia for today’s Flower a Day has a delicacy that I really loved. Even though delicate (and it was quite windy when I photographed it) it stands so tall, rising above everything. Sometimes that’s what we have to do. Rise above the things that might be dragging us down. There’s plenty that can do that these days, so I hope this reminds us to both look beyond and rise above those things. A hug goes out to all my readers and viewers today.

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  1. The question is – which euphorbia ( or spurge) is this? I discovered, thanks to you, Ellie, that this is a HUGE family of plants covering everything from flowering plants, shrubs to trees and including cacti and other succulents and in every colour possible. In fact yesterday’s flower was probably also an euphorbia. So, to try to narrow it down a bit, I’m placing my chips on the Diamond Frost variety of euphorbia for this particular plant. This little spurge reminds of the small, but enthusiastic, participant in a crowd who is stretching and reaching to be noticed, calling “look at me, look at me”. It may not be as showy as some of its cousins but it is hardy and a survivor and a contender for best supporting actor in the Spurge Academy awards (were there such a thing). Thanks again, Ellie, for noticing this one and bringing it out from the wings for some well-deserved applause.

  2. Thanks Ellie those are lovely delicate little flowers. Always amazing to see these photos how beautiful they look. Thanks for the encouraging words as well.

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