This is a plant I am not really familiar with and I have to say it was not the easiest to photograph well. Each of the little flowers within the circle has so much detail within and that detail was easily lost (in others I took). At least I was happy with this one and rather like how the swirl around it has echoed the leaf shapes. These look like they would make a lovely crown for a little girl to wear. As it has again become cold and overcast (ah… the Nova Scotia Spring) I felt that I needed a bit of yellow to cheer the day. I hope it does so for you where ever you are, my friends. A flower a Day #260  

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  1. Also known as cushion spurge, this plant may just be one of those perfect utility plants. It likes full sun or shade, poor dry soils; is disease and animal resistant; and requires little to no care. In addition to that, it looks terrific with even the stems and leaves providing interest through the fall. Of course, nothing is really perfect and the cushion spurge does have a dark side – it can be highly toxic if ingested and its sap can cause skin, or eye, irritation. But how hard can it be to admire this beauty without touching it!? I, for one, think I am up to the challenge. Thank you, Ellie, for dropping the gauntlet.

    1. Oh my, that does sound the ideal one for our garden. If only I knew where I had seen it! Anyway, we have plenty here so I will just admire it, as you say, in the image and if I see it again without touching. Thanks for your research and thoughts, Janet. xo

  2. Lovely Ellie the petals are quite intricate aren’t they. When you zoom in and see all the clusters in the contrasting colours in the center it’s a very busy Little flower. But the beautiful bright colour does cheer you up and it looks like we might get a little sun to go along with that today. Thanks again for sharing hope you have a great day. Hugs to you and Steve

    1. Thank you Linda, it’s true that it’s worth zooming in to see the detail as there is so much going on in there! A little warmth and sunshine will be welcome for sure. Hugs to you and Blair.

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