Hypericum Stars

Hypericum, St. John's Wort

Hypericum, St. John’s Wort

Today we needed a bit of brightening up and as this St. John’s Wort (Hypericum) reminded me of yellow stars, this is what we have to start our day and cheer us up. It’s wonderful to think that flowers that have medicinal properties are just growing wild in the fields for us to use. I read that it is like a weed in some parts of North America (here?) and used medicinally in parts of Europe. How strange that it is described as what sounds like a nuisance in one place, while in another it is used (effectively, apparently) to treat mild to moderate depression. SAD and anxiety. I believe it, as just looking at this flower today has lifted my spirits. I hope it has lifted yours, dear readers. Flower a Day #492 View all posts on the Home page.  

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