Early Winter Walk


It is beginning to look as if our winter will soon be over here, which would be a huge relief (and totally uncharacteristic for this part of the world) after last year's 'Snowmageddon'. This image of an old and solitary apple tree appealed to me to post today. This was taken in Ontario in 2014 during our visit there in November. A snowfall the night before caught everyone by surprise but the few apples on the top were all the brighter for the contrast.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. It’s a beautiful Apple tree, majestic in its bewitching. The text circles you around the tree, and there is much to notice. But I have a problem. I am a wood turner. And some might perceive me as a predator, because I’d sawed it down and make the most beautiful thing that all my experience would allow me. And this gives me question.
    Should not all things end in a complete circle?

    1. That was indeed a perplexing and excellent thought/question, Roar! Thanks for your comment. In that case, you will really enjoy watching the video that you will see on my husband’s website, about him and his work, as it talks about an orchard (perhaps you have already seen it)… Stevenkennard.com and the video is there if you scroll down past his new box. As you see I am married to a predator! It’s nice to meet you Roar.

      1. Now I was surprised, but I ought to have understood your relationship with Steven Kennard.
        When it comes to predators, so is your husband perhaps one of the best. So I can only say, as I said to Steven K. in a previous comments towards his work.
        I’d shake his hand any time.

        You are a very interesting couple.
        Have a good weekend
        Roar and Linda.

        1. Have a wonderful weekend yourselves, thank you Roar and Linda! I have passed on your comments to Steven. 😀 His site is also one you probably know.

  2. Yes, +Ellie Kennard, even though our landscape is very boring right now, I love that I can hop into the car to run errands and not worry about icy and dangerous roads. As long as our high country has gotten plenty of snow, we don't have to worry about a water shortage.

  3. +Paul Wing thanks Paul!

    Thank you +Christina Lihani​ I love the shapes of trees that you see so clearly when they are winter bare. I can't say that we are sad about a short winter, if it really happens. It will be a first for us here.

    Thank you Shelly. +Shelly Gunderson

    It would, +Susanne Stelle​!

    Thanks a lot +Sumit Sen

    +Childa Santrucek​ thank you! Autumn? Oh my! I want a summer first, and a spring would be nice., too.

    Paul, thank you! +Paul Brown

    For sure, +Darla Hueske​. Ours is just at the stage where it's too slippery to walk in the woods as it has melted and frozen too many times, it's just ice remaining.

    Oh it does, +Dylan Johnson​, but it has less appeal than usual here after our 'snowmageddon' of last year. Thanks very much, Dylan!

  4. Love the tenacious apples on the tree, Ellie. Like Diana, our “early Spring” is here today with blue skies and open jackets everywhere. Yesterday was windy though…as in blow you into the lake…windy. I was out shooting at Botanic Gardens again and I had to hide behind trees to steady myself and my camera. Part of the lake was still frozen, with melt atop ice….so pretty. I’m so glad you have a blog, Ellie. It’s much better than just plussing…as important as that is. I like “talking” to you better!

    1. I’m so glad you like the blog and the ‘conversational’aspect of it, Sandra. I think when I found that plugin where you can subscribe to replies to your comment, that took the conversations to a better level with more satisfaction, for me anyway, hopefully for my commenters, too.

      Those deceptive open coat late winter days are the ones likely to drive us all into a depression with the next biting cold, windy, snowy day. But this too shall pass.
      Thanks as always, Sandra. I’m working on another story, riding on the encouraging comments about the last one.

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