Early Crocus

Siebers Crocus
Siebers Crocus

These are the tiniest, most delicate crocus flowers you can imagine. They are first to show themselves in our garden, long before the magnolia buds on the branches above them show any serious swelling, and at almost the same time as the little snowdrops I shared a few days ago. I am so glad that I photographed them when I did, as since then the weather has been inclement, cold and rainy/snowy and these have closed up tightly. They are Siebers Crocus, as I found out in my research (we hadn’t paid attention to the names when we planted them). I don’t think more than one appeared in their first Spring and now, 3 years later, there was a lovely display. I imagine that it will get better every year, if only the weather will cooperate. With this colourful happy grouping, I send you all a warm hug, whatever your weather brings you.

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  1. Nothing says spring like a crocus…and these are delightful. Little bonnets perfectly designed to catch the early ray’s of new season and to telegraph their joy to the world. Thank you, Ellie, for this message.

    1. Thank you Janet. And as you say, that message is coming through loud and clear. As I said below to Linda, you might get rather tired of crocus photographs before I finish!! But I know that no one tires easily of spring, so I hope my readers, including you will indulge me…

  2. They are beautiful. Amazing colours. Such a bright spot. Nice to see them dotted all over the lawn. Hugs back to .

    1. Thanks Linda. They are so cheery! I fear you will be flooded with crocus photographs if I receive too much encouragement! 😉

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