Dried Hydrangeas

Dried Hydrangeas
Dried Hydrangeas

Yes, today for a Flower a Day I am bringing you into my kitchen where I have bunches of dried hydrangeas on almost all surfaces (these are in a copper kettle on the hearth). These are cut from our own garden and special favourites of mine (the other colours, for posts to come, are gifts from friends). In the summer you have seen them looking like butterflies hovering above the bush and now, dried, these butterflies hover over the hearth and kettle as though waiting to take off for a summer nectar feast. Every time I look at them I can’t help admiring the delicacy of those dried petals that somehow hang on to those stems even now. If a careless brush of our dog, Joni’s tail should knock a flower to the floor, I usually pick it up carefully and place it on the desk with my other rescued ‘treasures’. So there’s a confession about me, to those who have read this far. To you, I send a warm hug and a wish for you to find the treasure in your own lives today, if it’s only in a simple dried flower or petal.

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  1. Hanging by a thread? Or floating free like a balloon? These simple flower structures, which together make up some of the most beautiful clusters a gardener can choose to adorn his garden, are still lovely when their growing is done. Some may say their beauty has faded and gone away but I say that no, it has only been transformed with time and is now of a kind that only certain types of people can see and appreciate. Thank you, Ellie, for being one of those people.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Janet. The transformation of this plant through time is a wonderful example of how beauty is present in all of life’s stages. In people as well, as we well know. Thank you, my friend.

  2. Good morning Ellie. Thanks very much they are beautiful I know from personal experience of admiring them in your kitchen. I love the colour it’s so different from most hydrangeas that you see. And the delicate little flowers they are a treasure to keep.

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