Down the Drain – 60/365

This was my Saturday image. More symbolic than artistic, it perfectly represents the day. The day before, on Friday, I had got contact lenses (my very first!!) following my eye surgery in December. Very exciting. 😀

I followed instructions and put the lenses in for a few hours on Saturday. After lunch it was time to remove them to rest my eyes. One came out at once, very easily. The other eye was more trouble. I tried several times to remove the lens with no success. Steve tried to take it out it too by which time my eye was getting horribly sore and red. Finally we gave up and had to call the Optician, who said we should come along to get him to look at it. Which he did…. His verdict? There was no lens in the eye. So I was trying to remove …. the surface of my eye? No wonder it was sore. I have no idea where that lens went. Down the drain, metaphorically speaking. 

I went away with three more lenses and they now seem to fit and work just fine. So far, at least. But that was my day. Down the drain in other ways too (badly hurt foot, as well) but this was the best representation of it.

(This is how contact lenses come, by the way. In a blister pack, for those who have never seen them.)

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  1. We'll see, +Susanne Stelle  – so far I am having issues with getting them out. They have been sticking to my eyeballs! So I will have to get more used to them before trying anything new. It appears that bifocal contacts reduce your corrected distance vision by 20% and your close up corrected vision by the same. It's a compromise.

  2. I have been thinking of trying out multi-focal lenses, so I would be able to see close up as well as distance, without glasses, but I had better make sure I am very comfortable with how single focus lenses work before introducing more complications. +Susanne Stelle – thanks for your experience. It's encouraging. 😀

  3. +Ellie Kennard First week I couldn't get them neither in nor out. Took me 20 min. every time. I mixed them up in holder box (I've got different type of variofocals). At least I must say I'm very happy with my lenses. Makes life much easier 🙂

  4. 🙂 +Susanne Stelle – I presume it worked out okay for you?

    +Ursula Klepper – it has been more exhausting than you might think. But I am going to persevere. I have lost a couple and torn one. But now have two that have to last me for a while as they have run out at the opticians! LOL. My foot is feeling much better but I am not keen to go for a long hike on it. Joni is taking herself around the garden at the moment. Happily she is well contained in the property by the invisible fence. 😀

    Well they are only tiny little things +Shelly Gunderson – and once you get the hang of it, it's not as bad as you might think. Getting them out is more difficult, especially if they are not actually in the eye!

    Thanks a lot +Sumit Sen 

    +Robt. J. Moore II – thanks – the package is a silver foil with clear plastic, so it was easy to get that one. There are a total of three photographs combined to make this. 

    So far so (sort of) good +Karen Cooper . There have been more than a few tense moments. And wearing them does funny things to your my head. But I am getting more used to wearing them and am extending the period I wear them before resting my eyes. I am up to about 6 or 7 hours now. Then a rest of 1 hour, then back in.

    Thanks +Jacqueline Hodsdon – it is a composite. More metaphorical than literal, if you get my meaning?

    Thanks +Susan Wedlock 

    +Heiko Mahr – thanks so much. Yes, I thought the package of lenses washing down the drain would be pretty symbolic of my day that day.

    Totem pole of contact lens package! Never looked at it that way +Janet Patterson – but I see where you get that from. Thanks.

  5. Fabulous image – such a sense of dynamic movement.

    Good luck with the contact lenses. You did well to even get them in – my record was 40 minutes, for just one lens! I also 'lost' a lens taking it out. A search party was convened and once it was ascertained the offending article was no longer in my eye, the search was widened it it was eventually discovered stuck to the bath towel that was hanging underneath the mirror. Obviously I was better at getting them out than putting them in ;o)

  6. +Carl Pettypiece LOL! Thanks for the feedback. No, he did check to see if it had gone somewhere else in the eye. These ones you don't rinse off the liquid before putting in your eye, at least that. They are very comfortable now that they are in there and working as expected. If I can support them they have to be better than glasses as I need two different pairs of glasses, one for reading and one for distance. If I can just get by with one pair to lose, break or otherwise destroy, it will be far better. 

  7. Sorry to hear.  Sometimes the lens can get lost behind your eye!  But your optician would have looked for that.  I could never get the hang of contacts…they never worked as well as glasses and they were such a hassle.  After about the third time I put them in in the morning before rinsing them, and the agony that ensued, I gave up!  Good luck!  I hope you have a better experience!

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