Double Daffodil

Double daffodil
Double daffodil

We get a splash of sunshine today in a daffodil that has almost overdone the petals! This one, planted at the base of a utility pole was spotted by Steven on one of his walks and he pointed me to it for this post. Although the flowers are finished now, they live on in my photograph, to spread their cheer. If it’s rainy where you are then you can have a bright spot with this. If it’s sunny you can save it for a day when you need it. Have a lovely day, friends, whatever the weather. A flower a Day #254 

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  1. A veritable flurry of frenzied saffron is this double daffodil. I shall bank this for later in the week when I will surely need some radiance… for today is a cloudless beauty to match your post. Thank you, Ellie, for this gift of golden grace.

    1. Yes, indeed! Put it in your virtual pocket to pull out as needed. A bit like a falling star, to never let it fade away! I’m glad you like it, thanks Janet.

  2. Thanks Ellie it certainly is a lovely bright sunny spot. Goes very well with our day. Hope you’re having a good day. Still a little chill in the wind but nice and sunny.

    1. Yes, it’s cool but it is bright at least today, after yesterday’s storm. Thanks Linda, I’m glad you like it. Have a good afternoon. xo

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