Dogwood Fruit

Dogwood fruit
Dogwood fruit

Another surprise (I hope a pleasant one) for today’s Flower a Day! This is not a flower (I know you know that). But I have wanted to include it in my project because I think it fits the theme of a bit of loveliness growing, in this case, on a tree. Not everything that is beautiful is a flower. I know the dogwood has a lovely bloom, but this was taken in the fall of 2019, in the Coastal Botanical Gardens in Maine when the flowers are long gone and just these gorgeous fruits and beautiful leaves around them remain. So today, it’s a bit of a shakeup for Monday, to keep you thinking of beauty from a different perspective. That is never a bad thing, in my mind. I hope you might have other fun and beautiful surprises today in the things you see around you. To view the info and gallery…

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  1. Aren’t they delightful? Looking like a cross between a strawberry and a cherry, these Kousa Dogwood berries are certainly not just another pretty face. You can eat them, straight off the tree. They are nutritious, providing calcium and antioxidants. Their shape is intriguing too, I think, like a tiny spiked soccer ball. Originating in Asia, this variety of dogwood has become naturalized to the Northeastern US, which is where Ellie found these specimens. So, not just a feast for the eyes but also for the tummy, certainly a uplifting way to start one’s day. More surprises of loveliness growing please…and thank you, Ellie.

    1. Excellent, Janet! Sometimes I think that I should incorporate your informative comments into my original post! This is such useful (and interesting) information, thank you. I know others will be also interested to read this. Wish we had eaten some at the time, but I didn’t have you along to tell me that I could. Thanks again!

  2. Thank you very much that is a very pleasant surprise. I am going to have to look at my Dogwood much closer this fall. They look like little raspberries. Are you able to eat those berries. Thanks so much for sharing. it was a pleasant surprise hope you have a lovely day.

    1. I don’t know if you can eat them, Linda. The berries were quite big, much larger than raspberries, from my memory. I am hoping that I am right as to what they are! We’ll check yours out net year. Thanks again, Linda.

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