Dianthus Kahori

Today’s Flower a Day is a clean bright, frilly flower called the Dianthus Kahori. I loved the patterns on the petals that reminded me of a pretty dancer’s skirt, intricately embroidered. Such intricacies in each petal, together forming such perfect patterns are the kind of discoveries that I have really enjoyed making in this project, on this journey. I hope you are having the same delight in them as I am.

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4 Responses

  1. I instantly could relate to your ‘dancers’ skirts’ comparison. Yes, the flowers look like bright skirts twirling on the dance floor in the sun, reminding us of more care-free days of our youth, living in the moment, the beat of the music loud in our ears. Thank you for that figurative image and this physical image which gave it life.

    1. I feel the nostalgic mood that this brought you. I hope it left a good feeling for the rest of the day, Janet. Those were, indeed, the days. May the dance still be in us. Put the music on and let it carry you. As they say, ‘dance as if no one is watching, because they probably aren’t’.

  2. Thank you very much the pattern was the first thing I noticed too. How it comes together so precisely. So different than things that are made by man that they try to match the patterns. Love the color. and I am enjoying too the discoveries of the different things about the flowers thank you very much

    1. You are so right, Linda! Our designs seem pretty pathetic by comparison, when we look at the natural ones in the world around us!Thanks for the comment and for continuing on the journey with me!

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