Dianthus After Rain

Dianthus After Rain
Dianthus After Rain

This Flower a Day photo is for a good friend who told me that she loves to see raindrops on flowers, to give her a special treat (I hope). This dianthus was also lost alone in a field sown to wildflowers and grasses. It took me a while to find it and when I did I was so glad as it was practically perfect! It’s always worth keeping on looking for what you seek. If you do, you will find it eventually and it will be so worth it. Have a lovely day, my friends.

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4 Responses

  1. So simple, so fresh. I would say ‘fresh as a daisy’ but since that’s inappropriate for this shot, I will say ‘fresh as a dianthus washed by rain’. Has a poetic ring to it, doesn’t it?. This little flower, who looks to be saying ‘don’t forget me?’ belongs to a large family which includes the carnation. Hence, it’s lovely pink colour to seal the connection. It has me feeling ‘in the pink’ today. So, thank you, Ellie, for making it a PFD.

    1. I’m always delighted if I manage to make you feel good with a flower I share, so thank you for that! It does look so lovely and fresh. And a PFD is always a popular one. 😀 Thanks again, Janet.

  2. Thanks Ellie love that beautiful colour – so bright and cheery. And love how you caught the little raindrops on the petals thanks for sharing

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