Breaking Out Of The Deep-Freeze

Where have I been lately? It must seem to my regular readers as if I have been in a time warp, or frozen in our great white North! Well it’s been a little like both, so I hope you will forgive me. I can’t write much at the moment, but I thought that even just sharing a photograph is better than doing nothing.

Breaking Out of the Deep-freeze: Frozen flowers - Ellie Kennard 2017
Breaking Out of the Deep-freeze – Ellie Kennard 2017

I have been doing a lot of cooking in the time when I seemed to be inactive and finally realized that I had to clear out the frozen flowers that have been in my deep freeze for over a year! So with fond memories of summers past, like ghosts of their former selves, and looking forward to more flowers to come when (finally) the snow goes, here is one of them. I love how there does seem to be ghostly outlines of the blooms behind, and the stronger ones in the front. I am making my way to the front again, I hope.


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  1. Beautiful, Ellie! I love your frozen flower photos. I hope all is well in your great white north 😀

    1. Thank you so much Sharon. We had such fun doing those back in the day, it was a great pleasure to find some of these frozen beauties! I will be a lot better when the Great White North stops being quite so white! (Especially when you realize that we are actually no farther North than Bordeaux, which is, no doubt, basking in warmth!)

  2. I truly enjoy the delicate beauty of this image. I appreciate very much the contemplative attention you brought to it. I think you “write” quite eloquently with your camera and I look forward to more of your pictures.


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