Dandelion in the Round

Dandelion in the round
Dandelion in the round

A bit of fun for Friday’s Flower a Day – a fisheye view of a dandelion in our garden. When you see the world from this perspective, at least for me, troubles seem to diminish to the size of that tiny house and those little trees in the background. The main thing I am aware of is this common dandelion, head held high on its stalk amidst all of the grasses and wildflowers around it. It seems to shine brighter than the patches of sunlight behind it. May all of your concerns today fade into insignificance for at least a few moments if you can see a bright patch of sunlight or a lovely flower to delight in. And with that wish I send you a warm, loving hug.
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  1. So, it’s another WWAD, featuring the badly maligned unsung hero, the Dandelion this time. Look at it, this beacon of sunshine in a sea of green, just begging to be noticed…and I should think, appreciated. It has good reason to be standing tall. Check it out. All the medicinal potential this so familiar plant has, not to mention what it can bring to your table on both your plate and in your glass. Why? You will ask yourselves would that most sagacious of species, the homo sapiens, put so much effort and money into trying to eradicate it from their lawns and gardens?! Beats me, but maybe it’s because we are too busy destroying the planet to know what’s good for us. Long live the noble dandelion. Thank you, Ellie, for paying homage to this unassuming dear plant.

    1. Absolutely agree with you on your comment, Janet! From wine to salad to coffee (albeit ersatz) this beauty has it all! I am afraid the issue is very much one of not knowing what is good for us that is at play in the widespread attempted systematic destruction of this plant. But those of us who appreciate it and allow it to flower and then seed and spread far and wide ensure the survival of the noble plant! Thanks for the comment, Janet.


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