This beautiful dahlia came up with its purple fringed white petals, just begging to be shared with you all today for your Flower a Day. Dahlias represent for me one of the best times of summer, with bees and insects busy about their business in the glorious blooms these plants produce in such abundance. The flower is purely frivolous, though I understand you can eat the tuber. But why would you? Just enjoy them for their beauty and the benefit so many insects seem to derive from them. I hope this lovely one cheers you on a Monday my friends.

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4 Responses

  1. Ah, the dahling dahlia. Once again this saintly bloom evokes a poem I saw somewhere not too long ago – “The colours of the autumn, more vibrant in the rain, it warms my very heart and soul, when dahlias bloom again.” The author is Jean Aked and I think it captures the very essence of what this photo offers – hope and beauty in a single package. Thank you, Ellie, for warming my heart and soul.

    1. What beautiful words you found to share with us, Janet! Thank you Jean Aked and Janet together for this lovely ode to the beauty of the dahlia. Indeed. Hope and beauty.

  2. Good morning Ellie thanks ever so much for the post it is a beautiful dahlia with that light tinge of purple on the edges. Then the deep yellow in the center it’s very lovely. Hope you’re having a good day today

    1. Thanks Linda, I thought you would like it as it’s one you liked in the garden last summer. It’s a day, going as well as we can make it go. So much better than in so many places and for so many people, so no complaints from me.
      Hope yours goes well too.

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