Cyclamen Petals

Cyclamen Petals
Cyclamen Petals

Today’s Flower a Day is pure frivolity! These frothy pink frills of cyclamen petals were so light and lovely that I wanted to feature them entirely on their own. They seem to float like dancers’ skirts whirling around a ballroom, as dancers often seem, without a care in the world. I hope all your cares, my dear readers, are fewer with the sight of these today and that this will help to make your day special.

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  1. Frills are meant to adorn. They are put there to make something nice even nicer. So it is with the cyclamen. Already a beautiful plant and perfectly acceptable without the frills, they are made simply sweeter with the addition of frlls. Frills are ‘frilling’ and so I am ‘frilled’ with today’s choice. Thank you, Ellie, for making my day special.

  2. I agree they do look like ballroom dancers all the frills on the edges of the pedals and the way they flow and the beautiful colour. Thanks for sharing

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