Crown Vetch

Coronilla varia, Crown vetch
Coronilla varia, crown vetch

Confession: This was not taken this year, but in 2014, long before this pandemic was part of our lives. Nor was it taken with my vintage Helios lens. But it has to have a place in my Flower a Day project because it’s a flower – one out of three will do for me (and hopefully for you, my viewers) today! I rather like the idea that this gives us all a crown or two for the day, so we can feel special. So for all you friends and viewers, enjoy your day and know that I wanted to share a bit of the feeling of being special with you all. And a hug. As always. To view the info and gallery…

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  1. Some people think this is a weed, but some of us think it is a very interesting example of nature’s multiformity. Where most flowers separate their petals for easy viewing, the crownvetch clasps them together in pairs to create secret compartments, like a child who has caught a firefly or other treasure in his hands, Often found on the side of ditches or riverbanks, it adds colour to the countryside while also preventing erosion of the soil…not just a pretty face. Thank you, Ellie.

    1. Like you say, not only useful, but interesting and useful as a part of the ecosystem. Thanks for the research, I learn a lot from your comments. Thanks, Janet!

  2. It is lovely flower ellie. Delicate colourful. Very bright spot for your day. Looks like fern like leaves in the background not sure if that’s the plant that’s on or not. Thanks and hugs back to you hope you have a good day.

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