Cream Magnolia

Cream Magnolia
Cream Magnolia

This is the second magnolia from the same area as the pink one I posted previously, and I suspect as I write this post that this will be gone after yesterday as we had high winds and cold rain/snow all day and through the night. Magnolia bushes time their blooms really badly, although they are very visible without any leaves to hide the beauty. But this also means that they have no protection from inclement weather and when they are at their peak is exactly the season for such freak storms. As the rain began here yesterday I ran out to photograph the full magnolia tree in our garden, knowing this was my last chance. It is the best year so far. Unfortunately it was already so windy with rain coming down that the photograph is not good. I already got individual photographs of the flowers, so you will see one at some point soon. Keep safe, everyone and warm and dry if your weather is like ours. (Or cool and dry if you are in the Southern Hemisphere.) A Flower a Day #239

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  1. It’s hard to photograph anything in the wind and the rain, let alone the fleeting magnolia. Given those conditions, I’d say you’ve done very well to get this rather soft, sweet and definitely ephemeral bloom. In addition to the capture, you managed to find one with a somewhat disgruntled, perhaps put-out, perhaps angry that the weather is not cooperating with its short time in the limelight, look on its face. Perfect for the day and perfect for the mood that many of us find ourselves in from time to time, pandemic or no pandemic. It reminds us that life is not always a bowl of cherries. Thank you, Ellie, as always.

    1. It certainly is no bowl of cherries here at the moment, Janet and perhaps that is the mood you are feeling coming from this poor flower who had nothing to do with any of what is going on. Thanks for your comment. We are hanging in here, flowers are keeping us reminded that where there is life there is hope.

  2. I absolutely love magnolias… magnificent trees when they’re in bloom! I haven’t seen any for the last year or so as we aren’t out and about these days. Thanks for the beautiful photo – I look forward to seeing more of your magnolia shots. ❤️

    1. In that case I’m doubly glad that I shared this and also that I did manage to get what I hope is a decent photograph of our own magnificent true before the weather blows the flowers all off. I’ll include that in the post with the close-up and you will be able to almost imagine that you came here yourself to see it. Maybe one of these years. Thank you for the comment, Lynne. Love to you both.

  3. Thank you very much for sharing Ellie. It is a beautiful flower. And quite an amazing sight when the tree is in full bloom and you can see it all but like you say it lasts for such a short period of time because of our weather. Looking forward to some brighter days ahead. Hugs to you and Steve

    1. You are welcome, Linda, thanks for the comment. They are still hanging in there, I’m glad to say, I just got out again to photograph that tree and hopefully caught it better. Love to you both too. xo

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