This little carmine beauty is another of my small successes in my wild patch. This was supposed to have marsh milkweed and some perennial sunflowers nearby, but neither of those germinated. We have plenty of the common milkweed as you might have read earlier, so all is not lost. In the meantime, I hope the bright flowers that did manage to grow and bloom will be a source of nectar and pollen to the insect life around us. I try to rejoice when my plans succeed and view my failures as the steps to the next success, though I don’t always manage to be so sanguine. I hope you have a day with such moments of rejoicing. View all posts on the Home page.  A Flower a Day #363

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  1. Love the flowers Ellie. I missed your pictures and look forward to them! What is a white long cascading one?

  2. I can hear that little “carmine beauty” calling out to the bees and other pollinators ‘come visit me! I have something for you ‘. With a welcome such as we see here, why would they not come to spread this success of yours with others. Thanks for sharing with us today, Ellie.

  3. Such a pretty little flower Ellie. Love the colour the contrasting centre. It is a single beauty all on its own. Hope you have a lot more next year. Thanks for the bright spot in our otherwise rainy day. Hugs to you and Steve

    1. Yes, it’s a bright spot, but a yellow one would have given us some sunshine today! What a downpour we have had. Enjoy your day, Linda. Hugs back to you and Blair.

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