Comfrey flowers were a surprise to me. I had only ever noticed the thick rather heavy looking leaves that I associated with its healing powers as a herbal supplement – of bronchitis, rheumatism, the topical use for wounds, bruising and untold other medicinal applications. Its attraction was in the properties, not in any aesthetic value. And then I saw the flowers! Aren’t they lovely? Like delicate elongated bells. Enjoy this revelation along with me today, my friends. A Flower a Day #307  (NB while I make every effort to identify the flowers posted, I make no guarantee that the name is correct. It’s about the photograph, not the name.:-)

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  1. There are up to 35 varieties of comfrey , some with medicinal properties but others that are highly toxic. So, maybe just appreciate the beauty of its flowers, which is considerable. These attractive teardrop blooms are not only appealing to us humans but lure in many insects, particularly those with the ability to reach deep inside the bell to get at the rich nectar. This is one of those plants that I have admired in passing but knew little about. It’s always good to be properly introduced and have the chance to get to know them better. For that I thank Ellie.

    1. So fascinating, it’s true, Janet. One of my commenters said that he planted some himself only to discover that it was toxic, so perhaps one of those varieties you mention. Definitely worth being cautious, that is for sure! Thanks again. We learn so much together!!

  2. They are lovely Ellie I have a couple growing in the front that we transplanted from mom’s place. Love how the colors darker on the bloom before it opens so you’ve got that contrast. Thanks again for sharing Hope you have a lovely day hugs to you and Steve.

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