Coastal Cliff Erosion Kingsport Beach


This was taken on another late afternoon walk with Joni and Linda at low tide with a threatening sky framing the horizon. (It frequently seems to be threatening over Blomidon Cliff that you see in the distance…. or is it that I just like to take photographs when the sky is heavy with cloud??)

Storms will often leave a changed landscape and on the latest of those walks we could really see the difference in the formation of the sandy cliff walls and the trees that had fallen down the sides of the face. The light was just hitting the sand and the end of that spit of land.

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  1. +Ellie Kennard Have you ever traveled in Arizona red rock country? The Grand Canyon, Sedona, etc.? Unlike most anywhere else in the world. Sedona was less than two hours drive from our home, so we got up there often. Grand Canyon a bit longer. A massive area extending up into Utah and other places I guess. The lighting on this picture is kind of like that. (Except not as red as AZ.)

  2. Skies with threatening clouds provide some of the best background. So dramatic. And often broken enough that you might catch moments of sunshine leaking through at the same time. There's enough light in that shot to make the cliff appear warm in contrast. It's beautiful.

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