Clown Flower

Gazania Rigens, Treasure Flower
Gazania Rigens, Treasure Flower

When I saw this plant in its pot (and then on my screen) my first thought was that it was as gaily painted as a circus tent. My green fingered friend who grew it drew me to it was so excited to show me such a brightly coloured specimen and immediately in my mind it became a clown flower. Of course it’s got names – botanical, Gazania Rigens and local, Treasure Flower – but somehow I still think of it as a clown. I hope its gaudy beauty cheers your day and brings a smile, my friends. A Flower a Day #285  (NB while I make every effort to identify the flowers I post, I make no guarantee that the name is correct. It’s about the photograph, not the name.:-) ) 

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  1. This colourful member of the daisy family sounds like the ideal flower for my less-than-green thumb: easy to grow, requires little maintenance and comes in a variety of bright colour mixes. It certainly is an eye-catcher, and like its namesake can obviously handle being the centre of attention. I give it top marks for keeping its neck ruffle so well pressed and crisp and you, Ellie, for this fine capture. Thank you.

    1. You might be right, as they are quite stunning to look at demanding very little other than attention. A commenter, Shelly on Tipua wrote: “I usually get 2 years out of them as I take them in for the winter and then trim them up and re-plant the next year.” Should musing turn to buying… Thanks again Janet.

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