Clover flowers
Clover flowers

Clover is such a lovely little flower, found in most parks and fields and usually we just pass by without seeing them. Until, that is, we notice a bee or butterfly enjoying the nectar from it. And we remember the sweetness we enjoyed as children wherever we lived, sipping that same nectar from each tiny flower in the head. Such a small cluster of tiny flowers has given so much pleasure to so many. I hope your day is full of such small pleasures. As a bonus share today (it’s Monday and I think everyone deserves a bonus on Mondays) here is another clover photograph with the flowers just ready to sip nectar from.

Clover flower
Clover flower

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  1. It’s true, as you say, Ellie, that this noble little bud is often overlooked or taken for granted. It’s fitting that this sweet flower should be chosen to get the week off to a great start. Bravo to you for giving this underappreciated little plant some well deserved recognition. Great shots.


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