Cloudy with a Chance of Flowers


Yesterday the weather forecaster announced on CBC radio that it would be “Cloudy with a chance of flowers”. I wish. I just had to share that with you all and hope it made you laugh as it did us.

On our recent road trip, as we were driving along the 401 in the direction of Toronto, the evening sky was really interesting and changed constantly. These fingers of light reaching down to touch the stretching bare trees were quite beautiful.

The sunset was stunning and I stopped to photograph it a little later, but I liked this one for today. It was taken out of the car window.

It’s been pouring with rain all day today, melting the snow that fell on the weekend. The winter is settling in. I wish it weren’t so early.

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  1. Beautiful picture and all from the comfort of the car. In our house this is know as 'the Keith Cooper school of photography, ;0) We have very many fabulous photos in the archive taken from inside or no more than a couple of metres from the car!

    Thanks for sharing the forecast – will beat a hasty path to your part of the world to witness this miracle of nature :0)

  2. So beautiful. When I was a young child, I always thought the fingers of light reaching down to earth were God checking up on us. Now I think it's very pretty and you've captured them wonderfully well.

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