Clivia flower
Clivia flower

My number one Flower a Day scout called me the other day to say she had found another subject for me, so a few days later I climbed the stairs of an old barn to find an evening class in progress. The low sun filtered through a window onto a busy (small, masked, distanced) group of potters at work. The clivia was just next to the window amongst a group of pots filled with plants, so that the light fell nicely onto these beautiful flowers and the surrounding leaves and greenery. I sat on the floor, getting my jeans coated with clay dust, cocooned in an atmosphere of artistic creativity and the quiet humming of potters wheels turning and got the photograph you see here. There was such a lovely feeling in this little loft studio, the evening sun warming the room, that I felt I could have stayed there all evening, enjoying the friendly productivity going on all around me. I love how my project has been contributed to by some of my friends locally, making it even more meaningful for me and perhaps to all of you. We need to remind ourselves that this community spirit is still alive and well – and living at least near Canning, Nova Scotia. Keep that spirit up as you can, it’s too important to lose it. (But I want to know how those flowers stay so pristine in that dusty studio…)

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  1. In this shot, the sun is rising in each of these individual flowers as though reflected in a mirror …or on the face of still lake, as if in a multiple exposure superimposed on itself. So clearly is the sun depicted that it’s vapours can be seen reaching out of the centre of the sun to embrace the day ahead. Thank you, Ellie, for the warmth of this image.

    1. How lovely a thought is that, my friend? I need those sunny vapours today. We are missing both its light and its warmth. So I bask instead in the comment. Thank you.

  2. So lovely Ellie amazing colours and I love the contrast. There always seems to be different colours in every flower that makes certain spots stand out so nicely thanks again for sharing and all your effort in doing that.

    1. It’s true, Linda. And the amazing thing is that all those patterns exist and were created in each flower for a purpose, to aid insects or birds or other creatures in some way. We often don’t even see all the patterns that they see as they perceive different wavelengths of the spectrum. But we admire the beauty all the same.
      Thanks Linda


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