Sprouting Cauliflower
Sprouting Cauliflower

We are back in the incredible edibles section of these Flower a Day photographs with these sprouting cauliflower blooms. This was an experiment in the garden last year, purchased from a local farm market and billed as ‘similar to sprouting broccoli’. This sounded good so I bought three transplants. The best part of this purchase was the additional glorious dark red kale seedling thrown in with them and which I hope to harvest the seeds from this year… and these beautiful flowers when the sprouting part finished. I never got much in the way of cauliflower sprouts from the plants, which was disappointing. But I let them run to seed specially to get this photograph for you today! Every cloud has a silver lining. Or it’s an ill wind that blows no one any good. Whatever expression you prefer to apply here, I hope that you like these pretty brassica flowers for today and they bring a smile.

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  1. An incredible edible bouquet, these flowering cauliflower flowers and eye candy to boot. So if you think you will have more cauliflower veggies than you can, just add the stems and buds to your salad. Not only tasty but good for you too. There are so many veggies that have edible parts in addition to the fruit. We should all make some effort to use whatever we can, thus taking us on a culinary exploration to less food waste and more satisfied tummies. Thank you, Ellie, for these sunny reminders that there is more to many things than meets the eye.

    1. Such an excellent reminder, Janet! And I confess that I have at times overlooked these additional parts that add such spice and colour to our food. You are so right about this. And this year has made most of us more aware than ever of such things as the satisfaction of eating food we have grown (or is grown locally) and making the most of every edible part of our plants.

  2. They are a lovely bright yellow. And I also like the buds that are about to break open with the green and yellow stripes. They do make you smile. Hope you have a good day we’ll chat later. Thanks again for sharing

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