The catmint is such a lovely plant, with its sprays of blue/lilac flowers the length of the stems. And of course it is also a favourite of cats, who love to smell it and roll in it, rather as they do catnip. So it is a perfect flower to announce that we are finally going today to pick up a new member of our family, a Cornish Rex cat who is retiring from her career of raising kittens in Alberta and will be spending her retirement being pampered and cuddled in Canning, Nova Scotia. In the fall of 2019 we finally had to say goodbye to our dear old Rupert, at which point, we decided we would not have any more cats. But time, as they say, heals the pain and now the years of good memories remain and it is time for us to welcome another cat into our home. I have posted today a Remembering Rupert post, with some anecdotes from our time with him, as well as a few photos of him through the years by both Steven and me. You can see that post at the link below this paragraph if you would like to visit. Meanwhile, enjoy the scents and colours the day brings you all, starting perhaps with this Catmint. A Flower a Day #293  (NB while I make every effort to identify the flowers posted, I make no guarantee that the name is correct. It’s about the photograph, not the name.:-)

Remembering Rupert Post

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  1. Another incredible edible for us humans, less so for cats and dogs who may be more inclined to roll in it than have a chew. It makes a striking addition to herb gardens and flower gardens, one wonders why we don’t see more of it…or maybe I will now that I know what I’m looking at, as so often happens I find, once I’ve been educated as to existence. Thank you, Ellie, for raising my awareness to another awesome Blossom ().

    1. I’m glad to have once again introduced you to another my recent acquaintances, Janet. Now you will recognize this one next time you see it in a crowd. I hope you have your dogs with you when you do, especially if they like it.

  2. Haven’t seen, or noticed that plant before.

    That’s a long way to bring a cat, I assume the breed is rather scarce and she was one of few available?

    Do you still have your dog? Hope they get along.

    1. It was a new one for me, Jim.
      Yes, it is a long way (she’s already waiting at the airport).
      It’s a long story (won’t bore you with the details) but in short cats of any kind are in short supply. Due to Covid I think. There aren’t even any strays to adopt. We had arranged for a Cornish Rex kitten from Cape Breton but he became ill when we were due to get him and we didn’t want to take on a sick kitten so we were all ready for a cat… Contacted this breeder out west and will hopefully have a couple of kittens from her eventually. But I asked if she had any retiring… And she had this girl. They are an exceptional breed, and we used to breed Siamese and Burmese which are also great. But Cornish are even more amazing cats.

    2. And yes, we still have Joni, who is used to cats and this new one is friendly with dogs. I hope they will. They are roughly the same age.

  3. Thanks Sally it’s a lovely flower beautiful color I didn’t know there was another flower that cats were attracted to. Thanks so much for sharing and hope everything goes well with your new cat today. Will check with you later

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