These flower a Day catkins, also called Pussy Willows are described in Wikipedia as slim, cylindrical flower clusters, with inconspicuous or no petals. I didn’t know that about them and wasn’t even sure that they were flowers at all. I so loved the soft beauty of them as they were lit by the evening sun on my walk a couple of days ago that I couldn’t resist including them for you in this project. If you can, I hope you will visit the post and zoom in to see the detail, which is like some creature from outer space. I didn’t see this structure until I viewed it on my computer screen. Isn’t it wonderful? I can’t believe the diversity, intricacy and beauty of plant life in my immediate area, which I am only now beginning to appreciate, thanks to this project of mine. The pandemic has so many downsides for so many people, including us, of course. I have to say, though, that what I have learned as a result of my photographs in this has enriched me in so many ways that I am actually grateful for it. This is my silver lining. I am so glad to be able to share it with you. Hugs to all as I wish you a lovely Saturday. #217

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  1. These fuzzy paws are the buds of the flowers before they bloom, but in this shot, we can see the pollen on the individual hairs, making these particular catkins male. The pollen on these buds are yellow but different species of catkins can produce a variety of colours, adding to the excitement of finding them. Always a favourite in springtime, they are the perfect addition to any bouquet or floral display or perhaps a door wreath. Best of all, they are found in their natural habitat beside wetlands or in moist woods, bringing enjoyment to our walks in the wild rather than in cultivated beds. Thanks for including this perennial favourite of mine, Ellie. It’s a treat.

    1. That is so fascinating, Janet. I can always rely on you to fill in the details about flowers and this is no exception. Thank you. I am not surprised it is a favourite of yours, as it is mine!

  2. Amazing Ellie. You’re right you don’t notice it until you zoom in. I love that little flower just sort of a drawing you into the centre. it looks like a lot of little legs with feet on them. Lovely colour too when you look at it close. Hope you have a good day today – not a nice day for a walk around here.

    1. Thanks for taking a closer look, Linda. I hoped some would as it really is so unusual. Great description – little legs with feet on the ends. Not a day for walking, you are right. Might clear up later, I hope. xo

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