Long Beach Sunset

A golden sunset scene of a stony beach. The waves are low as they wash onto the shore. The distant hills are a little misty. There is a lone figure in the distance , standing on a spit of stony shore reaching into the water. The clouds are broken, and between them is a pale blue sky at the top of the image, but a golden horizon gives the scene a warm glow.
Long Beach at Sunset

There is little enough peace in the world, so we appreciate the calm moments that we’re so fortunate to experience here. I’m very happy to share this one with you all. Our beach walks in Nova Scotia always seem to ground us and remind us of the beautiful natural elements that are always there, despite all the chaos that we see in the news and social media.

Have a lovely Sunday, whatever you are doing, friends.

Golden Hour

The left half of the photograph is mainly slightly orange tinted clouds and blue sky with some white clouds nearer the horizon. The middle to right is golden trees with young leaves stretching into the distance. In the foreground is a tall, dark evergreen tree.
Golden Hour

Just for a change of season as we are having sleet here, I thought you might all like a taste of spring to brighten your day. The sunset that evening was hitting these trees at the top of our field in the ‘golden hour’ and the low cloud was almost the same colour as those young leaves, with that amazing blue of the sky appearing here and there. We don’t get to see sunsets from our house as we are surrounded by very tall trees, so I saw this by chance as I walked across the drive and had to run to catch the special moment. It was taken a few years ago, but I passed those same trees on my rainy walk last night and looked back at them as they are now, leaves ready to fall off, after their full year of growth. The field beneath them is now farmed intensively, but the woodland is still there, rich and full of life, including lots of foxes.

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Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Maine

A long stretch of striated rock leads from the bottom of the image up almost to the top. At the top sits a white lighthouse and a white building next to it. There is a red smaller building just to the right of this and another one to the right of the image. There is a still puddle halfway up the rock slope and the lighthouse and red building are reflected in it.
Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Maine

This nearly 200 year old lighthouse in Maine sits atop one of the most beautifully striated rock formations I have ever seen. The seams of different coloured layers running up from the shore to the building could have kept me there photographing all day. This day, the fog of the morning had lifted giving beautiful sunshine, it had rained in the night and the pool was full, giving me the chance to get this reflection. My friend Mac (whose wife, Carol took me on my sightseeing tour) had specially requested a photo with the lighthouse reflected in the pool – an iconic shot, I’m sure, taken by every visitor to the site.

This is a memory from our visit to Maine in 2015. Steven was teaching at the Center For Furniture Craftsmanship and I got to travel around and see the sights.

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