Round Barn

Round barn, Ontario - Ellie Kennard 2013
Round barn, Ontario – Ellie Kennard 2013

Today’s theme is “Round” and I have found two images that fit that theme for me. One of my favourites is to be found here (not notified to my subscribers, so you will have to click to view it): https://www.elliekennard.ca/round-bales/ and this is the other. Originally posted in December of 2013, it was such a triumph for me to actually catch it in this drive-by shooting, having wanted to take that photo for over a year, that I didn’t worry about the quality of the photograph. In the end it wasn’t too bad at all.

Original Post: Dec 6, 2013 – Round Barn From the Highway

I passed by this interesting barn as we were driving along the highway but I could see no way to pull off and find it to photograph it properly on that occasion. I remarked on how interesting it looked and we drove on. I passed it again on the way home on that particular outing but wasn’t expecting it and so wasn’t ready with my camera as I didn’t know the road well enough. When we were on our way home from our road trip down to the USA, a week or so later, we were on this same stretch of road and I got my camera ready, knowing that the barn was somewhere in the area. I couldn’t believe it when only a few moments later, it came into view!

So this is a drive-by shooting, not the sharpest or actually even composed very well, but here it is for a Farm Friday as I found it a really unusual sight to share.