Carved in Stone

Carved in Stone - Ellie Kennard 2012
Carved in stone – Ellie Kennard 2012

Another mini diary-like post rescued from social media reminding me of days gone by and the beautiful work of craftsmen.

Original post: July 12, 2012 – 193/366 – Carved in Stone

Days when we have a full work day followed by a midweek concert at the Evergreen Theatre at night (photographic session as well as wonderful music) are never easy when it comes to posting images, or even shooting them. It is an early start to the day and then a very long drive home, late at night, with constant risk of hitting wildlife or cats on the lonely country roads.. Last night we had such a concert and saw a wonderful singer, Alejandra Ribera, so the long day was well worth the exhaustion at the end of it.

While cooking supper before dashing out the door to drive to the theatre, I caught sight of these pears and apple on the dining room table. They have been carved by a Nova Scotia craftsman* and have graced our dining room for years. The light streaming in through the window produced a pleasing effect and accentuated the lovely carved texture on these fruits. So they are my entry for yesterday. Fruits that never rot.

*Nova Scotia stone carver Peter Parachnowitsch  from “Set in Stone’


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