Café de Paris


When we were in Québec (city) at the end of 2014, we ate in this little café, the Café de Paris and while we waited for our meal, I photographed this part of the restaurant, as the decoration seemed to be unique, if not a bit random in design! It might have been a bit off-putting to have that bust staring disapprovingly at you while you ate, which might explain the empty tables near him, in spite of the temptation of the bottle of champagne! You can see from this post and image that otherwise it was a uniquely romantic environment.

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  1. Exactly so, +Beena R – I have often done that very thing. I have photos of the interior of the local Turkish restaurant – lights, hanging stuff (not sure what it is) and even the light coming through the candles. There is so much when you look around these places.

  2. Wonderful warm ambience except for the table cloth..I agree with your observation 🙂

    Some times a restaurant looks so ethnic and rich I feel like walking around and taking photos of the artefacts. +Ellie Kennard

  3. Promises made by a bust? Well, sometimes, I guess. I"m totally without personal experience on this one. You'd think he'd smile just a bit…after all…it's not often that anyone ever listen to a bust. Promise or no. Hmmmmm. Well, I think it owes you an apology for the judgmental attitude, +Ellie Kennard. And a thank you for recording its image so beautifully!

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