Cactus Flower 3/365

This cactus sits in a seldom used room (the gallery where Steven's work is displayed) and I only watered it once in the last 6 months (which included the summer, which certainly was far from cold most of the time), as far as I remember. The room is kept at just above freezing to prevent damage to the pipes, so it is hardly a plant friendly environment, I would have thought. I hadn't even looked at it in weeks/months, so it was a delightful surprise when I peeked around the corner in the room last week and there it was, in full bloom! I watered it at once, of course, full of remorse, and brought it into the coolest corner of the living room, so that we could enjoy the colours before the blooms drop off.

This particular photograph was a challenge. Today, as it was blizzard conditions and too windy and snowy to go out without risking my camera, I decided to photograph one of its flowers. I had taken ones I preferred the day before yesterday (the day 1 of my project when I posted my self-portrait) but I felt that I should try today to do another. There was little light and I was not up to setting up the studio lighting and besides, carrying this plant across to it in the blizzard would have left me nothing to photograph.

When I had taken the picture and was editing it I realized that it was 'out of gamut' and would not show the colours correctly in the browser. This plant has such brilliant lovely reds and you will not see anything like them, but you get a rough idea of the beauty. So my lesson is learned. If I have one that works, post it and don't try to recreate it. This is the one I took today.

For the #365project +G+ 365 Project by +Simon Davis-Oakley and +Patricia dos Santos Paton 
Also for +FloralFriday and the lovely +Tamara Pruessner 
and for +Ursula Klepper who loves flowers and takes such beautiful photographs of them herself!

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  1. +שלמה ארגוב תודה רבה, הצבעים היו עשירות יותר, אבל זה נותן מושג.
    Thanks very much +Sumit Sen
    Andy, that is lovely to say. It will be more of a journal, hopefully with some high spots, photographically, but I have lots I want to do so it has to be reasonable. That's the only way I will be able to do it. +Andrew Westbury
    +Nataly Rubeo – thank you very much, my friend! And have a wonderful weekend yourself.

  2. I love them indeed! I have a similar one staying inside a room, that is cooler and it also blooms since a few weeks! We cal it "Weihnachtskaktus" – that means Christmascactus! :o)

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