Brush Strokes on the Landscape


The Journey Passed in a Blur 2

The landscape at the side of a highway is sometimes a surprise of delicate shapes and textures, especially at this time of the year. Gone are the beautiful greens of summer and the brilliant leaves of fall, but the shapes of branches and trunks against the gentle hills, punctuated by the shapely evergreens look like brush strokes on the landscape canvas. A bit of intentional camera blur gives a sigh of movement that is perfect for the grey December mood. Soon the snow will cover everything with a softly deceiving blanket.

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#unsharpsaturday #softfocussaturday +Unsharp Saturday v2.0​ by +Alex Lapidus+Julianne Bockius+Jetski+Patrice Christian+Nadia Cantou-Pewinski​ (sorry it's late)
#hqspmotion +HQSP Motion​ curated by +Anja Wessels
+Photo Mania Canada​ by +Giselle Savoie​ and +Mark HELM


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