Broccoli flower
Broccoli flower

For today’s Flower a Day share I am back in the vegetable garden late in the season with some broccoli that I didn’t pick quickly enough. The flowers were so bright and cheery in the chill of the evening as everything around them looked dark and cold. These plant foods are beautiful as food, beautiful as flowers when they prepare seeds to produce food for next season. Everything in the natural world seems to have this beauty at all life stages. As we do. I wish you all a day with unexpected wonders to discover.

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  1. Broccoli has yellow flowers! Who knew? Not me. So already today, I’ve learned something. This just proves that broccoli is good for us in many ways. A little bit of sunshine on another dull overcast day. Thank you.

    1. Well it seems that I have learned a few things in this project, including the fact that members of the brassica family share a flower. Whether it’s broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, arugula or mustard. Which is handy to know (for me at least). This is why I decided that my share of this family’s flowers should provide some context. Hence the leaves, broccoli sprouts etc etc.
      Thanks Janet!

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