Bright Splashes in the Winter Woods

When the landscape seems mostly to be composed of dark trunks of trees contrasted with white snow and deep greens of the evergreens, to come across this scene where the last of the clinging leaves bring bright splashes of colour can almost take your breath away! Such beauty, like a ray of hope that there will be colour in the world again!

Both Steven and I have been very sick with the flu and are not yet recovered. I just wanted to reassure my friends that we are still here and hope to be back to our usual selves soon.

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  1. You're welcome, +Emmanuel Chanda – I'm glad you like it.

    +Alan Mason this was processed in Lightroom, but the colours were the natural palette! That's what caught my eye and made me take the photo. Both Steven and I stopped when we saw it, but I was the one with the camera 😀 Thanks a lot, Alan.

  2. And this one’s a beauty too…and yes, HOPE. Bill thinks that of the three: faith, hope and love…HOPE is the more important. While I could wage a significant argument, I can see his point. Since I’m writing this way after the fact I know that you’re somewhat better now, hope Steven is too. I’m just getting over a nasty cold…but that’s NOTHING compared to the flu!

    1. Thanks so much Sandra. We are getting better at last and so with Spring soon coming let us hope that all these flu’s and colds will be finished!

  3. +Lynn David Newton I'm glad I rarely do, too, Lynn! The last time I had flu was in the mid nineties I think. Every 20 years is not too bad, I guess.

    +Richard Ball​ thanks a lot and you are right.

    Thanks +Sumit Sen​!

    Simple beauty, you are right, +Gary Whitehouse​ – no need for drama, though we can have that, too!

    Thanks a lot, +Ralph Mendoza​

    Thank you, +Photo Mania Canada​ – your reshare is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot +Dale Ricks​ – it's on the mend now.

    Stronger, yes, thank you, +Childa Santrucek​

    Merci beaucoup, +Doc Dolittle​!

    Thank you so much, +Leonardo Hervacio​!

  4. So sorry to hear about your flu symptoms, hope you're feeling stronger now? It will take some time to fully recover…lovely photo that you posted and get better soon both of you!!

  5. No, not yet, +Susanne Stelle​, thanks for asking.
    Steven has had to cancel his teaching tour out west, at great expense to us, but he's just too weak to leave the house, let alone take a 9 hour flight and stand on his feet all weekend teaching. It would simply not be possible. It's a vicious virus.

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