Boxelder Maple

Boxelder Maple
Boxelder Maple, Acer negundo, Manitoba Maple

A gardener friend of ours calls these trees “Frenchy’s trees”. That has nothing to do with the French, but refers to everyone’s favourite second hand store – Guys Frenchy’s. He says those trees are ‘good for nothing’. There have, in the past, been many wonderful second hand bargains to be had in the Frenchy’s store in days pre Covid, when there was a certain prosperity for some south of our border. Those rich people bought expensive clothes with designer names and wore them a few times. Then they gave them to charity, or so we were led to believe, as they got tax relief on the value of the clothing they donated. Being well heeled, they needed tax relief. We Frenchy’s shoppers were able to dress as well as the rich, in clothes that were barely worn, paying a few dollars for clothes that cost hundreds new – and US$ to boot. Now, though, it seems that there is not the same incentive to give away their barely worn party frocks and designer jeans in support of whatever charity or perhaps they are wearing their clothes for longer in an effort to reduce waste. That is a good thing, though disappointing for us who are still wearing the beautiful clothes they discarded years ago. We can’t any longer find any decent second hand clothes that don’t look as if they are already ready to be thrown out. Even though it isn’t a tree of great value, it does have beautiful flowers, I think. They are almost like fancy tassels you might find on a party dress, or a lovely tasseled pendant. Enjoy your day, my friends and make the most of whatever you find that brings you joy this day. A Flower a Day #230

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  1. Your friend may think these trees ‘are good for nothing’ but they will grow where other better for something trees will not. They grow fast and have a short life span, so don’t stick around long where they’re not wanted you might say. At any rate, I do think their tassels are an interesting adornment which can also give rise to another complaint about the debris they drop, which they do quite of lot – dropping, that is. I’ve noticed that some people will complain about anything that’s different and dislike it on those grounds alone. I, for one, think that the tassel is nice touch, especially so as it identifies the male box elder – who can blame a guy for trying to get noticed. I like a little originality in a man, don’t you? Thank you, Ellie, for taking notice.

    1. Oh you do make me laugh, Janet! Indeed I do like originality in a man as it happens – as you well know! But the idea of a man with tassels is making me smile… more than a little.. It certainly is a different thought. Thank you for that smile. And the comment!

  2. That is lovely Ellie never noticed that blossom before. It is a lovely color of red and it does look like a tassel doesn’t it. Thanks again for sharing a little bright spot in our day and I hope our day clears up a little.

    1. I had never noticed it before either, Linda. You are not alone. Of course Steven said he had… Incidentally, the gardener friend is Chris. I hope the weather clears too.

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