Bouncing Bet

Bouncing Bet Soapwort

Today the Flower a Day is another in complete contrast from the exotic flamboyant one from yesterday. I photographed this little wild bloom just at the edge of the trail near the roadside. These delicate flowers (and I hope I have the right name) are so pretty but they do tend to hide in all the greenery and wild grasses on the verge. I remember that I had to wade through quite a lot of that to get close enough to get a good photo. I can’t wait until they come back next summer and I can see them again. I hope your day has a little delicate wild beauty in some way. Until tomorrow, my friends!

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  1. Yes, Ellie. that’s one of it’s names, but Wild Sweet William is another. It’s a favourite treat of insects and bees. Although it had culinary properties for us humans, it can also be toxic if overdone. I think I’ll just admire its sweetness from afar. Thank you, Ellie, for this PFD.

    1. As with so many wildflowers, admiring their beauty is enough for me! And I’m so glad that I captured this as there were only one or two plants in the area. I’m glad you liked it to, Janet. Any plants that attract bees and or butterflies are always welcome around here, particularly if they are native to the area. Thank you Janet!

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