Blue Violets

Blue Violet
Blue Violet

Strangely, though the very name “violet” is a shade of blue, I had a lot of trouble finding a blue violet to share. Everywhere are white violets. They are on lawns, garden beds, ditches and in the woods, but I really had to search for this blue flower. I found it in one or two places but they were difficult to access, or poor lighting and over a few days I took several photos that weren’t good enough before I found this one! This particular little one was in the woods, surrounded by its white brothers and hiding in the undergrowth at the edge of the path. His white whiskers show up in lovely contrast against his deep blue. I have to look hard to find some of my gems, but it’s worth the effort, as so many things in life. PS After I composed this post, I received another flower alert from one of my Scouts and I found a whole lovely, beautifully lit patch of these blue beauties that were in her garden as well! Although I photographed them, too, I am leaving this one as it was so hard earned! A flower a Day #252

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  1. This little lady might just be the shrinking violet who is referenced so often in literature and elsewhere. Famous and in need of a hiding, she thought to seek cover amongst her more neutrally coloured brethern, only to be hunted down by yet another of her many admirers. Beauty and the unwanted attention it can bring, can be a burden and it carries a heavy price…as we all know, since it is the stuff of legends. Thank you for finding her, Ellie, and then for leaving her in peace.

    1. Now I feel almost cruel in exposing this little beauty, but I did at least not betray her location! Left in peace, that’s true and soon to hide again in the undergrowth of the woods, ready to appear unannounced next spring. I wish it weren’t going so fast, this spring of ours, don’t you? (Although the blackflies can leave any time, honestly.) Thanks for the comment Janet.

  2. They are lovely Ellie. And such a nice contrast when they’re in amongst the white violets. But they are a lot more scarce than the white ones. Thanks again for sharing and hope you have a lovely day.

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