Blue Scilla

Blue Scilla
Blue Scilla

These tiny scilla in today’s Flower a Day are ones that I look forward to seeing every Spring. They make a carpet of blue under the bare trees before the leaves are even out on the trees above them. They have spread so thick and far that it has made it really hard to walk to my clothes line or compost area without treading them underfoot. I know it seems silly but I can’t stand to step on them as, though they are such a strong blue colour, they are actually very small and fragile. Zoom in on the main flower and you can see the little trumpet shape inside those main petals. Enjoy your day, my friends, appreciating the little joys in our lives.

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  1. Aka Squills, these little harbingers of spring are globally ubiquitous and have so many pseudonyms, they are impossible to list here. So popular and so prolific, they quietly pop up wherever they choose, with or without an invitation and when they show up on my front lawn ( or back), I feel honoured. They are the best of guests, bringing colour and good will, and never overstaying their welcome. Hello, they say, so good to be here. Then in a week or two, they’re gone – ta,ta, see you next year, leaving in their wake a sense of warmth and neighborliness for the next round of guests to arrive. Thank you, Ellie, for a ‘scilli’ day. I needed that.

    1. You have described scilla, scillas, squills etc. in a nutshell! I love them for the same reasons, Janet. And though they have been here for some years now, I get the same thrill every year when they appear. Thanks so much for the comment and I hope the rest of your day has been as scilli.

  2. They are lovely Ellie and an amazing color but yet so tiny. I love to see that carpet of blue on your lawn. Looking forward to seeing them popping out real soon hopefully. Hope you have a great day hugs to you both.

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