Blackberry Flowers

Blackberry flowers
Blackberry flowers

Today you are being treated to the photo of another incredible (free) edible plant, the blackberry. Our berry thicket (a term I use to emphasize that it is thick with canes and therefore prickles) would serve as Sleeping Beauty’s hedge very well. All princes prowling about the edges, trying to find a way in would be well nourished by the abundance of tasty fruit, though their velvet breeches and silken hose and sleeves would suffer from the brutal thorns that must prevent their access to the castle walls. They would probably find their hair and faces covered in spider webs and insects, too, as they attempted to make their way through. This patch is behind our workshop/barn thanks, we assume, to the generosity of passing birds who dropped the seeds as they flew overhead. The fruits are large and sweet, enjoyed all year long by us and seasonally by birds. When I pick them my much less splendid clothes do get caught and occasionally torn and I get more up close and personal with the spider and insect population than either of us is comfortable with. But it’s so worth it. Sometimes the best things in life are a challenge. But so satisfying when you achieve what you set out to do. I hope your day is like that, my friends. Hugs to all. A Flower a Day #286  (NB while I make every effort to identify the flowers post, I make no guarantee that the name is correct. It’s about the photograph, not the name.:-) )

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  1. Like a shot of fireworks frozen in motion, these small bursts of blossoms impress with their beauty. Each one a masterpiece of delicious finery that has one’s mouth watering knowing what comes next. Isn’t nature astonishing in that it produces these wonders to ensure the grand finale isn’t missed. They sure do get your attention. Thank you, Ellie, for this feast for the eyes.

    1. Thanks Janet. Yes, feast to come indeed! They really do stand out, though I got confused, I admit, thinking there are more blackberries to come than there are. The rest are common briar! I’m any case, each is absolutely beautiful and between them they fill the hedges and field borders with white.

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