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The host of +That Show with Billy Wilson (TSBW) is a very determined and enterprising person.  He works hard to bring interesting and informative discussions to his shows and he supports hard working musicians and promotes them by having them appear as his musical guests on his show. He deserves to meet all of his goals! When you have watched his video, read about his Creator Goals on his Patreon Site here:
Contributions of even as little as $1 (or more, of course) per episode can make a huge difference in his life. Just imagine! If 150 people (or more) felt they could pledge less than the price of a cup of coffee per episode (his episodes are weekly), this would help Billy to realize his dreams,.

+Billy Wilson 

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Mental Disability Pride
I'm proud to be me & you should be too. More videos in the series I hope these will help a lot of people. 

During the video I mention my Patreon page which you can find here:

This is the second video in my series on mental disabilities. Today also marks 6 years since I joined YouTube which is kind of cool. 

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  1. Hey Billy hope you are good. Myself I was watching on CTV. W5 our local news. And channel. Tonight about teens and mental health. Very interesting. How support research has come a long way. Never an easy and honest topic. I know. Not afraid to share. I don't hide who I am. And doing rather well now. Because I was the one who reached out for help. Myself. PDST. And Bipolar. Not ashamed. Just another medical illness.

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