Bending, not Breaking


Some photographs really need no words of explanation.

(But for those who want a bit more): This was another snowy walk on a Sunday afternoon and with the new heavy fall of snow and the bending trees, the light called us along that path and through into the woods. These special times are fleeting and for this reason we treasure them and think of them as a typical winter scene. In reality, these scenes happen very rarely as usually the wind blows it all off the trees as it falls. Now, the snow is almost all gone. So I'm so glad I caught this.

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  1. Thanks so much for that comment, +Sandra Nesbit – it was such serendipity to see that light on the other side of the snow laden arch.

    Thanks very much +Alan Gauld – yes, so often people imagine scenes such as this, because this is the rare moment that people photograph. Tonight we have a blizzard raging around us with possible falls of 30-50cm. But with this wind there will be no lovely snow resting on trees. There will be high drifts and impassable roads and possible power outages. And then there will still be us on snowshoes with a booted border collie walking through it all! I'm glad you liked the archway, that was what it was all about, the way those trees and tracks pointed through.

    Thank you, Len, it does have such a fairytale look about it, doesn't it? You don't have it in your Aussie back yard, but you have seen it like this in other places. 😀

  2. I like the comment about "typical" winter weather. 🙂
    In Scotland this year we've only had one week of snow and sun so far and the rest has been dark, grey, wet and windy.
    I love the way you've caught the sunlight on the far trees through the "archway", it really emphasizes the gap.

  3. Thanks a lot +Martin Heller

    +Margaret Tompkins thank you! And thanks so much for sharing with the page. It's always appreciated especially when you have such wonderful submissions.

    Thank you +Freddy Donckels

    I could have done, +luis fernandes but then you can only put that word in, no other themes and no writing. And also very few people comment on postings to wordlessonwednesday posts.

    Thanks so much +John Wade

    Thank you +Shelly Gunderson

    +Rita Gijbels thanks so much!

    I hate to say this, +Beena R – but our cardinals look lovely in red against that gorgeous white blanket! (But it's almost melted now, so don't feel bad, just enjoy your warm weather. :D) And thanks!!

  4. I can't believe that I had been missing snow all through this winter, looking at this great winter scene is only making it worse!
    But I loved looking at the red cardinals today, I have to admit.. but they can be found in snow also probably!!
    Well.. such a beautiful capture, it just invites me to take that walk. +Ellie Kennard

  5. +Linda Jess thanks. You know the spot well, of course, from our walks.
    +Photo Mania Canada​ and +Giselle Savoie​ and +Mark HELM​ thanks so much for the comment and reshare.
    Thanks +Owen Kane​
    Exactly +Linda Villers​! They are so rare, don't you love it when they happen? This was the end of the day of snow, with the sun going down behind those trees. Thanks!
    Thanks a lot +Will Tan​
    The merest hint of purple you see is the sun going down behind those trees, the snow does wonderful things, but we are a long way from blossoms. +Prue Stopford​ thanks so much.
    +Karen Cooper​ I'm so glad you like it. Thanks a lot for the lovely comment.

  6. What a wonderful capture. I always liked those calm storms when the fluffy snow fell slowly to the ground and accumulated on branches and trees like this. Those were the special mornings that you had to enjoy before the sun or the wind came out to ruin the scene…

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