Belarina Valentine

Belarina Valentine double primrose
Belarina Valentine double primrose

This is another lovely pixel takeaway from the local garden centre, this time in a beautiful red colour. These double primroses are described as ‘floriferous and vigorous’ and they have such beautiful flowers! (Isn’t that word ‘floriferous’ wonderful?) Its a perfect description for this, too. Even though this is a short lived perennial, it would be so lovely to see these blooms in your garden early in the Spring. Until, that is, the aphids, slugs, vine weevil, leaf and bud eelworms, leaf-mining flies and glasshouse red spider mites turn up and the leaf spot, primula brown core and grey molds infect it! Reading through this list has made me doubly glad that I have left the care of this gorgeous plant to more capable and less stressed gardeners than I, who will be much more able to deal with those pests and diseases. I have this memory that cannot be attacked by any of those and I can share today with all of you. Enjoy its virtual beauty, my friends. A Flower a Day #221

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  1. Double the blooms, double the pleasure of looking at these classic beauties. Since I know they come in a variety of colours, it sets my mind to imagining a whole garden filled with this floribunda. I will spend the day it that imagined garden today, as the current one is covered in that s**w stuff (can’t bear to say it). Thank you, Ellie, for saving my day with the possibilities this lovely floriferousness presents.

    1. In that case (s***w) I’m really glad I choose this much bunch of brightly coloured blooms to send your way today! As to other colours… Watch this space. Your imagined garden will be even richer very soon! Sending sunny thoughts and warmth your way. Thanks Janet.

  2. It is beautiful Ellie, with that deep red colour. Dark green leaves with all their texture. Had a picture shared from a friend on Instagram with some yellow and red ones in their garden that are blooming beautifully right now. Said the yellow ones came from England. Thanks again for sharing the beautiful pictures.

    1. I’m glad you like it, Linda. Your friend’s garden sounds lovely. England has wonderful flowers and of course they are far ahead of us in the season. Thanks Linda.

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