Belarina Buttercup

Belarina Buttercup (Kerbelbut) double primrose
Belarina Buttercup (Kerbelbut) double primrose

This is not a spelling mistake, it is the name as it was on the tag in the garden centre (yes, this is another that is best left where it is with only a photograph taken!). Today’s Flower a Day brings a bunch of sunshine flowers to you all today, looking a lot fancier than the primroses I am familiar with. So if you need the sun today, be my guest and use these to help supply it. If it hadn’t been for the tag I wouldn’t have guessed what it was as it really looks like a pot of roses. Well, as they say, a rose by another name…. except that this didn’t smell at all. So, as I say, the colour is the treat today and with it I send a big hug to all

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  1. Another wonderful garden centre find, Ellie. I love how each robust flower is individually wrapped in its leaves, ensuring each one gets its own spotlight and personal attention. This is another hardy early bloomer that will fill the air around it with a glorious fragrance. What’s not to love about these plants…and bonus – they come in glorious range of other colours too. Keep up the good work, Ellie. You are providing me with a shortlist of plants to consider when I come to plant later this year. Thank you.

    1. It really was most eye-catching, Janet, and if you do manage to find one, I hope that I will one day see it growing in your lovely garden. And as to there being other colours available… watch this space 😉
      You are most welcome and thank you as always!

  2. Lovely Ellie. As you say they look like a bouquet of roses. They are a bright ray of sunshine. Hugs back at you and thanks for sharing.

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